Utility / Substation Chargers

The correct charging system means everything to the performance and service life of your battery system. The environment, duty cycle and battery chemistry play a crucial part in selecting the correct charging system. 

Exponential Power understands which charger designs and features will be optimal for your particular battery string and application.

AT10 / AT30 Series

Microprocessor controlled, easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain single or three phase digital rectifier/chargers. Available in 12, 24, 48 and 130 VDC (6-1000 amps).

  • AT10 - single phase models from 12-130vdc / 6-100amps
  • AT30 - 3 phase models from 12-130vdc / 25-1000amps
  • 48 and 130 vdc 6-25 amp filtered units are in stock!

Portable Maintenance Chargers

  • Portable chargers available in 1.8-140 vdc
  • 2 - 50 amp units with a variety of features
scr / scrf float battery charger for stationary batteries

SCR / SCRF Float Battery Chargers

Designed to automatically control charging rates. Single-phase input and three-phase input. Ideally suited to utility, communications and other stationary charger applications.  
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