DC Plants

From design-build to augments, there is no one more qualified to address your DC Plant needs. We can design your next upgrade or plant augment. As part of the process, we’ll suggest the latest technology and, in many cases, reduce the physical footprint of your DC plants. We install a variety of manufacturers equipment including; ABB, Vertiv, Delta (Eltek), Alpha, and Telect.

Regardless of how you work with us—new plant site or upgrade to existing site—we design the best solution for you. Our DC Power Plant Services include:

  • Provide and Install New DC Power Plant Systems
  • Provide and Replace Existing DC Power Plant Systems
  • Provide and Install New Battery Systems
  • Provide and Replace Existing Battery Systems
  • Design and recommend solutions for all the above utilizing the best individual fit for the customer
  • Secondary Cabling for Existing and New DC Equipment Requirements
  • Grounding
  • Provide and Install New Site Buildouts
    • Iron Work
    • Duct Work

We can engineer and install BDFB/BDCBB’s, fuse panels, and breaker panels per customer applications.


Our knowledgeable engineering team can identify a solution to your specific DC plant needs and our deep relationships with a variety of OEM’s allows us to source your specific equipment needs at favorable pricing. Our skilled installation teams provide quality installation services in central office, data center, headend, MTC, and cell site environments.

  • Ironwork
  • Fiber & Cable Management
  • Fiber Duct

Our core business includes battery installation and maintenance. We provide battery services in a host of environments from large customers with nationwide footprints to smaller rural telco providers. Our company has years of experience in the battery industry installing both large 2V wet and valve regulated batteries and smaller 12V battery applications.

We install a variety of batteries including: East Penn Deka, C&D Technologies, Enersys and SBS.

Power Cable & Busduct
  • Primary Power – Engineer and install Power cabling from DC plants to BDFB’s/BDCBB’s
  • Secondary Power – Engineer and install Power cabling from BDFB’s/BDCBB’s to Equipment and Fuse panels
  • Grounding – Install Frame grounds for racks and cabinets, equipment and power plant reference
  • Busduct Design & Installation – Engineer and install for new builds as well and integrating into exiting DC Power Plants