Turnkey Installation

TEF&I Capabilities

Exponential Power provides the highest-quality mission critical engineering applications and specifying services. We will install any critical data or network power system using degreed engineers and licensed trades contractors. From generators to UPS & rectifier banks to battery plant, Exponential Power will assume total responsibility so that your cut-over occurs as scheduled.

  •     Engineer, install or remove system solutions,
  •     Furnish all AC or DC products nationwide
  •     Install customer-specific equipment
Facility Concept Study (FCS)

Prior to adding or changing a power surety system or beginning a design-build construction project, you need to understand the impact & benefit. Exponential Power provides the analytical information in a format that will streamline your budgetary request process.  We will evaluate your loads, support capacities, critical bus, protected bus & your 5 year growth plans to ascertain whether or not your existing system or space will provide the necessary support. A critical power availability & reliability assessment will be made based on the unique requirements of your business operation. Great attention will be devoted to maximizing your operational continuity while minimizing a budgetary impact. You will receive a detailed report evaluating the steps required to provision your network or data power environment including a proposed schedule, bill of materials, electrical one-line, budgetary estimate, scope of work (SOW) plus a timeline with waypoints & milestones. This impact analysis will afford C-level decisions makers the perspective required to form an intelligent approval or rejection of the concept. Should it be decided to proceed, the package is comprehensive enough to be submitted as-is for competitive bid if desired. All this is provided for an engineering design fee typically at 5% when compared to a similar report provided by an A&E firm.

Power Quality Audit

The ‘Power Quality Audit’ provides a non-invasive assessment of your power surety environment. Its purpose is to provide you with a ‘snapshot’ systemic analysis of key aspects of your critical power system in order to evaluate your reliability/availability relative to your expected performance in avoidance of downtime or unplanned outages. The PQA can be tailored for your site specific needs but offers:

  •     Circuit protection & TVSS coordination
  •     Single point grounding & bonding compliance
  •     Redundancy, reliability & availability
  •     Scalability & expandability tolerance, impact
  •     System/component state-of-health snapshot
  •     Preventative maintenance program evaluation benchmarked against internal or governmental standards (JIC, FRB, ANSI, IEEE, HIPPA)
  •     Single point of failure  location(s)
  •     Outage, maintenance & failure forensics
  •     Recommendations for repair or upgrade
  •     Susceptible maintenance/repair issues
  •     Replenish parts availability status
  •     Load stress vs. capacity, 80% rule may apply
  •     Deviation from OEM specification
  •     Topology, design & configuration analysis
Design-Build Services

Utilizing the FCS as a foundational blueprint, Exponential Power will finalize the project concept into a fixed and firm proposal. The requisite engineering resources, civil, electrical & mechanical, will be deployed to finalize all project details.  Once again, our ‘open book’ philosophy allows us to offer a complete project on a ‘cost plus’ basis agreeing on a mutually acceptable margin for our services.  For small to medium construction projects, Exponential Power can be an extremely cost effective solution. Using a blend of local, licensed trades, Exponential Power service technicians, Exponential Power engineers, local specialist as needed & Exponential Power on-site construction project managers, the initiative is certain to complete in a timely & professional manner.

Network & Data Center Relocation Services

Moving a data center to a new facility presents an extremely challenging task. Who do you entrust to rig & move sensitive IT & power electronic devices?  The answer is a firm that understands mission critical power & the loads it protects. With Exponential Power, you can be assured that great care will be given the network devices & associated critical power components during their removal & reinstallation. Only Exponential Power will re-commission the system with you to guarantee that it is working properly as before the move. Exponential Power knows precisely what components require special handling in order to remain operational. Exponential Power knows the original factory specification to which the system must perform. Our mission-critical move will:

  •     Evaluate current system operational, parameters
  •     Prepare new site for physical  electrical landing
  •     Decommission & electrically uninstall devices
  •     Package, rig & remove equipment to new facility
  •     EPA-certified hazardous materials disposal
  •     Legacy site clean up
  •     Contingency planning for unplanned event
  •     Management of any subcontractor services.
  •     Recycle or properly dispose of all fuels, refrigerants, suppressants & components as required
  •     Determine any surplus market valuation
  •     Install & commission equipment in new location
Maintenance-Service Peer Review

Setting service industry benchmark standards, Exponential Power offers a ‘Peer Review’ program as a check & balance to ensure you are receiving the service & maintenance to which you are entitled as compared to IEEE, ANSI, OSHA, JIC and OEM guidelines. Exponential Power will review your service reports for completeness & value. We will statistically sample & inspect devices to verify calibrations, measurements & procedures. Your preventative maintenance program will be evaluated for frequency & thoroughness. You will be made aware of best practices & potential enhancements to your maintenance or service.  Exponential Power will bring “a fresh set of eyes” to examine your equipment as a total system. And perhaps most import, Exponential Power can provide a ‘second opinion’ when a major retrofit or replacement has been suggested by others.  Should our conclusions, prepared by our Engineering Services Department, differ from your existing, we are prepared to award performance guarantees to our well-considered recommendations when implemented.