We are the Power of Many

Built on the foundation of four great companies: Exponential Power is the joint forces of Storage Battery Systems, Nolan Power Group, Quality Standby Services and Summit Power Systems. Industry leading service and cutting edge technology led by experts that have been powering stationary and motive power applications since 1915.

You need power you can count on 24/7, no exceptions. We are here to make that happen with zero worries along the way.

At Exponential Power, we bring you the foremost stored power products and services that go beyond your expectations, delivering the best tailored solution for you. Our team of battery experts challenge the status quo by providing advanced technology that is reliable and safe, resulting in an unmatched experience.

ExponentialTM Power

We are a leading provider in stored power solutions utilized by energy leaders in offshore, telecom, energy-services, utilities, oil & gas, data centers, motive power, material handling, distribution and manufacturing industries.

Think of us as your team of problem solvers: listening first, then going beyond the expected to deliver the best solution for you.

Why? Because we are about more than reliable power. We are about taking care of you no matter what and constantly earning your trust.

That is why we bring you:

  • The most passionate and skilled people in the industry—from engineers, to sales, to service techs
  • The latest products, equipment and technology—so that the best in quality is working for you
  • Customized solutions for your business and budget—paired with ongoing consultation

Here, the only thing that matters more than expertise is your experience with us. Your experience is our priority.

We work every day to bring you exceptional service, responsiveness and commitment. That is Exponential Power.

Our Promise to You

Our dedicated team adheres to six shared values that are at the forefront of everything we do to bring you excellence.

Actively ensuring that no one gets hurt


Relationships and service are at our core


Always truthful, trustworthy, and honest


Taking personal accountability for behaviors and results


Delivering excellence at every opportunity


Continuously improving and innovating

Vision: To be the premier resource for reliable, stored power solutions: We’re the power when you need it.
Mission: We deliver reliability, advance technology, reduce risk and provide an unmatched experience for our customers, employees and investors.
The Power Advantage

Exponential Power is the joined forces of Storage Battery Systems (SBS), Nolan Power Group (NPG), Quality Standby Services (QSS) and Summit Power Systems (SPS). Together, we bring you over 160 years of experience and expertise.

With roots dating back to 1915, our collective journey began in 2014, when SBS and SPS partnered to expand the reach of products, services and customized solutions to customers within the motive power and material handling markets.

SBS and Nolan Power, two well-established and market leading power solution providers, combined in 2018 to offer a greater service outreach, in addition to a wider and more diverse range of cutting-edge technology and products to customers in the stationary power industry.

We further strengthened our position when we acquired Quality Standby Services in 2019. Adding QSS allowed us to even further expand our product and service offerings, especially in the data center and telecom markets, while continuing to offer the highest level of reliability in the standby power market.

By uniting under one brand, Exponential Power will continue each legacy’s commitment of delivering excellence at every opportunity, while expanding our markets, service reach and product offerings. Our names changed, our expertise grew, but our commitment to providing an exceptional experience remains our promise to you.

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We are in this together
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