Exponential Power offers comprehensive engineering services, including product solutions, installation, and maintenance of power systems nationwide. Our services encompass engineering, installation, and removal of system solutions, as well as furnishing and installing AC or DC products. We also specialize in customer-specific equipment installations and maintenance for AC/DC applications. Additionally, we provide detailed reports from onsite inspections and maintain extensive databases for large networks, enhancing efficiency for our clients. As a certified service provider trained by U.S. manufacturers, we ensure top-quality installation and maintenance, and offer online power quality services for both single-phase and three-phase AC and DC systems.

Our Services

Preventative Maintenance

Forklift Battery & Charger Repair

Stationary/Reserve Battery, UPS & Charger Repair

Emergency Repair 24/7

Turnkey Installation

Battery Recycling

IEEE & NERC Compliance

Rental Equipment