Ametek SCR: Ultra Charge

Often called the most flexible battery charger on the market, the Ultra Charge can charge flooded cell and sealed cell lead acid batteries of nearly any voltage, or ampere-hour size. Rated to recharge a 100% discharged battery in its ampere-hour rating in 8 hours or less.

Ideal for a wide variety of operating environments and applications, its rugged design and flexibility make it suitable for nearly any manufacturing or warehouse operation, particularly those with multiple shifts or harsh environments, such as cold storage, foundries, mills, and other applications.

  • Charges 100% discharged batteries in 8 hours or less
  • The two-line control display shows the charger’s output volts, amps, and amp hours returned during the charge cycle
  • Archive function allows the ability to review information from the last 99 cycles
  • Adapts to all battery types with 7 user-selectable charge curve options
  • Timer start mode lets you choose the time and rate of charge
  • Programming feature assigns battery capacity and type to voltage
  • Compensates for battery operating temperatures automatically: from 32 degrees F to 115F with optional BID module
  • Data Mate and CDAC compatible
  • UL and cUL listed, and meets BCI standards