Low Maintenance Tubular Batteries

The Low Maintenance Tubular Battery provides high performance, long life and low maintenance costs. Unique design features provide higher capacity without sacrificing battery cycle life, while achieving up to 90-day watering intervals.

  • Higher energy density than flat plate positive plate constructed batteries results in superior performance
  • Increased volume of electrolyte for greater watering intervals
  • Industry-leading AH capacities compared to the industry standard of 85-125 AH, while maintaining standard specific gravity levels and providing increased watering intervals.
  • Low maintenance offering ranging from 95-135 AH
  • Greater surface area optimizes active material utilization allowing higher voltages under load
  • Hadi high pressure die cast positive splines resist corrosion which improves battery life and outperforms gravity-cast flat plate construction (dense grain structure of tubular grid using pressure die casting)
  • Uniform distribution of active material and weight achieved through a wet filling process which enhances plate uniformity
  • Round, non-woven tubular gauntlets provide greater resistance to activate material shedding
  • Fully enveloped separators reduce the chance of short-circuiting
  • 1″ sediment space to prevent short circuits
  • Rubber terminal bushings absorb impact and shock on rough floors
  • Forklifts and Material Handling
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Automated Guided Vehicles