Sackett HPT-PL: Powered Lift Battery Transfer Cart

The Sackett HPT-PL Powered Lift Transfer Cart is a versatile battery transfer cart that accommodates trucks with a variety of roller height dimensions.

  • 5,000 lb Capacity
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • 30″-36″-42″ Battery Compartment Widths Available
  • 40″ Deep Roller Bed
  • Adjustable Telescoping Extractor Arm
  • Magnet or Vacuum Extraction for the same price
  • 24V Solenoid Controls
  • Y-Conn. to Simultaneously Power PJ & TC CHPT and HPT-PU
  • Minimum 54″ Fork Length Required
  • Transfer Cart Welded to Pallet Jack Forks
  • Hydraulic