Ametek Ferroresnant: Battery-Mate 60, 80, & 100

The Battery-Mate chargers are engineered for a variety of industrial environments. The power conversion circuitry maximizes battery life by using a constantly tapering output, which is automatically regulated by the “On Charge” battery voltage. The charge current of the Battery-Mate is determined by the state of discharge of the battery. The battery is precisely charged, based on its depth of discharge. The Battery-Mate 700 offers the most flexible with the ability to provide for multiple shift operations and rated to recharge a 100% discharged battery in 8 hours or less. The Battery-Mate 80 is intended for two shift operations and charges 80% discharged batteries in 8 hours less. The Battery-Mate 60 is designed for light duty applications and will charge 80% discharged batteries in 10 hours or less.
  • A choice of 2 interchangeable controls for added flexibility
  • Quality-built for little to no maintenance and years of dependable service
  • 10-year full warranty (Battery-Mate 100)
  • 1-year full warranty and 10 year warranty on transformers and diodes (Battery-Mate 60 and 80)
  • Fail-safe design protects batteries
  • UL and cUL listed