Treat your team this holiday season to time-saving battery test equipment that will make their workdays better.

Battery Monitoring Systems

The SBS EquaLink Battery Management System actively manages reserve power batteries, delivering numerous benefits, such as enhanced reliability and extended service life. Count on EquaLink to eliminate undercharge and overcharge, prevent unexpected battery failure and avoid thermal runaways.

Powered Mobile Carts

Powered Mobile Carts

Powered mobile carts are an economical way to improve processes and increase facility productivity. Exponential Power innovative powered mobile carts are designed with safety and durability in mind. We offer lightweight lithium batteries to provide easier mobility, longer battery life, and faster recharging. Our easy-to-configure mobile powered workstations offer a sturdy work surface with an isolated battery compartment and numerous features.

DC Load Banks and Battery Capacity Testers

The Exponential Power constant current load banks are an easy and affordable way to perform accurate constant current IEEE450 (Vented Lead-Acid), IEEE1106 (Ni-Cad) and IEEE1188 (VRLA) load tests. Because they are constant current load banks, there’s no need to constantly adjust the current during the test, unlike many other battery load banks.

The SBS-8400, SBS-200CT, and SBS-4815 load banks have the added feature of a built-in data monitoring/acquisition system complete with wireless modules and software. The wireless modules are easy to hook up and eliminate hundreds of feet of signal wire to untangle before every use. Each module can record the real-time voltage of up to four individual cells or multi-cell blocks.


Gas Detection

Every year, there are countless safety concerns raised by unions and individual employees regarding the possibility of gas explosions. Installing the SBS-H2 hydrogen detection system on site will eliminate most of these concerns saving management time and money, while also increasing safety and giving employees peace of mind. The SBS-H2 Hydrogen Detector is a hydrogen detection system with visual and audible alarms and 1% and 2% hydrogen relays.


Designed to meet the US Department of Defense (DoD)’s rigorous UFC 3-520-05 requirements, the SBS-H2-DoD Hydrogen Detector is an upgrade of our popular SBS-H2 system, providing improved Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) detection levels. It is currently used by the Army, Navy and NASA.

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