TOBi PI Wi-z Data Recorder

The TOBi Wi-z allows you to monitor the usage and health of your battery on a daily basis. It captures and stores critical lifetime data which facilitates replacement budgeting and battery warranty.

1. Critical battery parameters are continuously monitored and recorded.
2. Lifetime amp-hours throughput data are recorded.
3. Lifetime minimum, maximum and average battery temperature are recorded.
4. Used as a diagnostic tool, continuous monitoring of battery events allows for accurate identification of performance issues.
5. The TOBi Wi-z excels at identifying performance indices for an application.

This allows for better asset management such as implementing opportunity charging or identifying a need for additional batteries in fleet. Armed with accurate, timely information, you can re-assign assets based ondifferent shift demand and usage.

  • Sleek, compact size: 3.5″ long x 1.56″ wide x .875″ high. Easily fits at or below most battery intra-cell straps.
  • Composite molded enclosure.
  • Waterproof.
  • Battery acid resistant.
  • Combination thermistor and electrolyte indicator.
  • Electrolyte level sensor maintains a record of electrolyte levels for proper battery maintenance and diagnosis.
  • LEDs for temperature and water level status.
  • Easy installation. No welding of shunts; no straps to remove; 15-minute installation by non-technical personnel.
  • All new TOBi Report Suite.