BHS BE-QS: Quad Stack Battery Extractor

The BHS BE-QS Quad Stack battery extractor combines efficiency, safety and a space saving design into one system. Perfect for forklift fleets with more than 300 batteries.

  • Vacuum extractor arm adjustable for various reach requirements
  • Quiet-running dual floor drive system provides positive traction on wet or dry surfaces
  • BHS exclusive Non-Inter-Flow (NIF) hydraulic manifold system stabilizes the lift cylinders to ensure a level roller bed during load transfers
  • Four lift cylinders, in combination with four-point equalization, assure smooth and level vertical movement of the roller bed when empty or loaded
  • Five hydraulic-powered rollers per compartment provide a brake for safe, easy battery transfer
  • Induction-type proximity switch disables floor drive to protect equipment when the extractor arm is outside the envelope of the compartment
  • Overhead Guard protects the operator from falling objects
  • Power Roller Cut-Out disengages powered rollers requiring additional input from operator to discharge battery from extractor
Vacuum Release Time < 1 s
Vacuum 21" Hg / 711 mbar
Vacuum Pump 1/3 hp / 0.25 kW
Hydraulic Power Unit 25 hp / 18.7 kW
Control Circuit Voltage 120 V ac
AC Current Draw 45 A
Vacuum Attach Time < 1 s
Draw Bar Pull / Magnet 800 lb to 1,200 lb
Raise / Lower Speed 0 to 26 ft/min / 0 to 0.13 m/s
Travel Speed 0 to 240 ft/min / 0 to 1.22 m/s
Input Voltage 480 V / 3 ph / 60 Hz
Draw Bar Pull / Vacuum 1,000 lb
Hydraulic Pump 36 gal/min / 136 L/min
Full Load Capacity 10,000 lb
Guide Track 3" x 2.5" Angle
Roller Height 6.5'' Min / 136.75" Max
Total Compartment Rollers 11