Motive Lithium Battery

Exponential Power, in partnership with Micropower Group, a lithium battery and charger manufacturer, has developed and launched a combined lithium battery and charger solution for motive power applications that addresses common challenges. This battery-charger combination design features integrated communication between components and is specifically designed for forklift, automated guided vehicle, and similar applications. Our motive lithium battery is one of the most innovative lithium-ion solutions on the market. Its long-life expectancy, high energy efficiency, and minimal required maintenance make it an ideal solution for many motive power applications.

Battery Interface

  • Remote and on-board state of charge display
  • Dual Port – Charge/Discharge

BMS & Power Circuit

  • Continuous monitoring of crucial operating parameters (voltage, temperature and current)
  • Fully regulated charge and discharge parameters
  • Integrated balancing function for maximum battery cycle life

Modular Design

  • Maximum safety
  • Full monitoring and balancing per cell
  • Robust construction
  • Serviceability

Battery Housing

  • Available to meet all forklift and AGV applications Class I, II, and III
  • Built to run optimally and efficiently in high demand applications while providing consistent power.
  • Lower recharge without reducing the lifespan of the battery through opportunity charging.
  • Eliminates need for battery swapping / improves safety for your personnel.
  • Streamlined operations and reduction in operating cost by eliminating the need for battery watering and reducing the number of batteries in your facility.
  • Forklifts
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Walkie Riders
  • Order Pickers
  • Stackers
  • Scrubber/Sweepers
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
Characteristics Lithium Ion
Life Expectancy 8 Years, 3500 Cycles
Energy Density >233 Wh/L
Charging/Energy Efficiency Up to 95%
Emissions Environmentally friendly/Emission free
Required Maintenance No watering and minimal effort
Charge Rate 1C Maximum
Best Applications Single battery per truck or multishift, heavy usage applications
Voltage Range 24, 36, 48, 72, 80 and 120V
Applications Class I, II, and III forklift and AGV's