Philadelphia Scientific Battery Water Injectors

Water Injector System™ for Industrial/Forklift Batteries

The Fastest, Most Reliable Single-Point Watering System

For over two decades, the Water Injector System™ has been the world’s fastest, most reliable way to add water to industrial batteries.

It is very simple to use: an operator clicks on a water-hose, opens a valve, and in 15 seconds or less the entire battery is watered - perfectly. The Water Injector System typically fills batteries eight times faster than other types of single point watering systems! This means that 8 batteries can be filled in the time that it would take to fill 1 battery with other systems. Even experienced battery users are astonished at the speed of filling.

The system saves money in two ways. First, it cuts labor costs, often paying for itself within its first year of operation. Second, it extends the life of each expensive battery it is installed on due to improved quality of watering.

The system also improves safety and environmental cleanliness. There is no need to peer into cells to inspect levels as with manual filling, and water injectors automatically fill each cell to the correct level, so no overfilling and no electrolyte overflow during charge.

The Water Injector System is outstandingly durable. Designed for harsh industrial environments, it will shrug off abuse that would destroy most other systems, and continue to work dependably for the life of the battery. It is the ideal system for rapid and opportunity applications. Over the long term, they offer the best financial ROI of all available filling systems. This is especially true in heavy-duty applications where breakage of more fragile systems become costly. This is also true in the new and growing watering service market where battery watering is outsourced to specialists (such as Exponential Power material handling services).

Features and Benefits

  • Very fast operation: An average industrial truck battery can be filled, with precise level control, in less than 15 seconds. Yet the system is gentle. The secret is parallel filling, made possible by the unique low-friction tubing and pressurized water supply.
  • Compact: A very low profile allows them to fit on almost any battery. Injectors can snap in and out to allow inspection of electrolyte levels and specific gravities.
  • Rugged: Tough enough to survive impacts, abuse and extremes of battery temperatures. There are no exposed parts to break off even when an injector is removed from a cell. This makes the Water Injector System ideal for rapid or opportunity charge applications.
  • True level sensing mechanism. Needs no submergence to sense level as a float does. Can work right down to the top of the separators. Will not fail if it touches cell components.
  • Only single point watering system to allow convenience filling. The Water Injector System has the unique ability to be used to fill a battery regardless of state of charge. In conventional charging applications, the system is precise enough to allow filling before or after charge. For rapid or opportunity charge applications watering should only be done after the weekly equalization charge.
  • No-freeze tubing: The surplus water drains from the tubing into cells after filling is complete. This makes the system perfect for use in cold storage facilities and other freezing environments.
  • 2-Stage Filtration: In addition to the filter screen in the water tubing, each injector has its own individual filter.
  • 5 Year warranty: Philadelphia Scientific warrants its Water Injectors against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of sale by Philadelphia Scientific.
  • Easy to order and inventory: Each Water Injector System has a single part number to simplify ordering and inventory control. Water Injector Systems are available in three options: Instant Install, which requires no additional assembly; Semi Assembled, which requires very little additional assembly; and Spider System, which requires some assembly.
  • Exclusive product: The Water Injector System is manufactured by Philadelphia Scientific. For over two decades, it has been the fastest, most reliable battery filling system in the world.
  • Exclusive reconditioning service: Water Injectors are so tough that we can recondition used ones regardless of their age. We discard the old tubing and connectors, clean the injectors in a special cleaning process and, after a 100% inspection, install them on a new length of tubing. That means even more savings for our customers.

Philadelphia Scientific Water Injector System

In 15 seconds or less, the
entire battery is watered

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Water Injector System™

How Water Injectors work

Inside each water injector is a precision level-sensing valve enclosed in a strong protective housing. When the electrolyte level rises to reach the tip of the injector, the valve shuts off instantly. There are no exposed parts to stick or break and individual injectors are strong enough to survive the abuse of tough applications for many years of use.

There are no floats of any kind involved because this is not a hydrostatic system. It is a hydrodynamic system powered by the incoming pressurized water. One great benefit of this approach is that the actuating (shutoff) force of an injector is typically 20 times stronger than the buoyancy available with a float. This makes injectors virtually immune to “sticking” due to gummy residues in the cells. It is what gives them their legendary reliability.

The other enormous benefit of pressurized water is that it produces fast filling – which translates into productivity gains and cost savings. Furthermore, a short, 15-second fill cycle also raises operator confidence because he or she can be present and attentive during the entire filling operation. That is not possible with systems that take minutes to fill.

To achieve their superior speed and reliability, water injectors must be supplied with adequate water pressure. However, this is not a difficult requirement to meet. (See the link below on water supplies). For installations with only one or two batteries, we recommend our Watering Gun, our Stealth Watering System™, or a contract Watering Service.

Water Injectors are installed into each cell on a battery. Rugged tubing that runs through each each water injector forms a single continuous flow path on top of the battery. The water tubing itself has a large bore to minimize pressure drop. The system connects to any of our engineered water supplies with simple quick-connect couplings. A spinning flow indicator on the water supply stops when the battery is full. After filling, excess water in the tubing drains into the cells to prevent freezing in cold store applications. A typical 18-cell battery is filled in 15 seconds.

Custom Systems

Over time, various custom versions of the Water Injector System have also been developed and employed for specialized applications, as follows.

Example 1: The most powerful battery in the world, the 5,000 volt, 27 megawatt Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Fairbanks, Alaska, built by ABB and SAFT, has 14,000 nickel cadmium cells that are filled by special Water Injectors. Philadelphia Scientific also designed and supplied the web-based remote monitoring system for this project – probably the most sophisticated battery monitoring system ever built.

Example 2: The advanced German ICE high-speed train is equipped with lead-acid lighting batteries. Water Injectors are approved for watering these batteries.

Water Supply Systems

Because the Water Injector System is the fastest battery filling system in the world, it requires a high flow rate and adequate water pressure. We have developed a wide variety of world-class water supplies to provide the ideal fit for every application. Check out our factory-authorized Injector Water Supplies.


Instant-Install is a fully assembled system – revolutionary in the battery industry. The entire water injector “string” is assembled in our factory, complete in every detail, matched to and ready to click on to a specific battery type. It can be installed on a battery completely in about 3 minutes, by unskilled labor. Installation can occur either in a battery factory at production time or in an application, simply by snapping the injectors into the cells.

Instant-Install is most valuable where multiple, identical batteries are to be fitted with the Water Injector System. Consider the time saved if several hundred batteries are to be fitted. This is the case in many large warehouses and distribution centers. The Instant-Install option is now so popular in the USA that most Water Injector Systems are currently delivered to customers this way. Another benefit of Instant-Install is that there is only one part number for the entire assembly, simplifying the customer’s purchasing and inventory control procedures.

Instant Install Water Injector

Semi Assembled

The semi-assembled option is similar to Instant Install, however holes in the tubing do not come already punched and ready to fit to a particular battery type. Instead the installer must punch holes in the tubing to fit each system (punch tool available).

This Semi-Assembled option is more flexible than Instant Install because it can be used on any battery with the correct, or fewer, number of cells. It is most useful where there are a variety of battery types to convert in the field. We provide battery layout guides for installers to use.

The installer snaps the string of Water Injectors on to the battery, sliding each injector along the tubing until the layout is perfect. He then marks the tubing with a pen, moves each injector aside, punches a hole (actually a pair of holes), and then returns the injector to its marked location. The installer then trims away any excess tubing, attaches the end injector and that’s it.


Water Injector Spider System™

The Water Injector Spider System was designed for all batteries, but is ideal for small batteries (5, 7 & 9 plate cells) where traditional single point watering systems are hard to fit. It is also perfect for self-installation where the battery size or layout is not known in advance and is a convenient alternate to our Semi Assembled option. It is convenient to keep in the shop or on a service van for last minute installations.

The Water Injector Spider System is every bit an injector - it delivers the legendary speed of fill and reliability of the standard Water Injector System, but employs many convenience features in its design. Small diameter flexible tubing (that is crush and kink resistant) makes fitting onto a crowded battery top easy, push fit tubing ports allow for quick and easy installation, and the central manifold can be tied down on the battery top to prevent pulled tubing problems. The system must be used with our factory authorized Injector Water Supplies to ensure proper performance and our famous 15-second fill.

If you have always loved the speed and reliability of Water Injector technology, but have not liked continuous tubing the Water Injector Spider System is for you!

Water Injector Spider System

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