Utility / Substation Cabinets & Enclosures

battery enclosure and cabinet for utility batteries

Exponential Power offers many sizes of battery enclosures, cabinets and relay racks. They can be constructed with batteries, battery/charger combinations and even DC distribution panels.

  • Batteries can be installed on pull-out drawers or fixed shelves.
  • We offer outdoor and indoor enclosures. 
  • We can supply hundreds of different models.

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Exponential Power Protective Enclosures

Protect your investment in batteries and equipment

Cool Cell® passive, unpowered temperature-regulating enclosures offer reliable, cost-effective protection from summer heat and winter freezing for batteries.

Cool Cell® protects batteries and electronics from destructive temperature extremes in the harshest climates. The enclosure will have its internal temperature stabilized, mitigating the effects of external ambient temperature fluctuations.  Cool to cold fluid circulated hydronically through the thermal exchangers within the enclosure during daylight hours.  The heat rejection of the components is transferred to the fluid moderately cooling the interior.  Some of the thermal energy is dissipated even in the summer sun through the highly efficient exchangers.  At night, fluidic heat is transferred to the ambient air cooling the fluid until morning.  The now cooled fluid repeats its cycle. Should the ambient temperature be low, the system compensates through a series of passive valves and baffles to transfer thermal energy from the fluid to the interior of the cabinet. A reverse heat flow effect occurs, warming the fluid in the daylight hours and transferring thermal warmth into the enclosure to keep the interior temperature above 40°F. The result is a mediated temperature hysteresis ranging approximately from 40°F in -5°F conditions to 85°F in 110°F ambient conditions.  Worse case conditions of very low temperature differentials still result in an approximate 40° bias shift over ambient conditions.

Battery life can be extended as much as 300% in hot weather and battery capacity can be ensured to at least 80% capacity in the cold.

Offered in many sizes, Exponential Power can customize the enclosure installing components that we specify or you provide. They can be constructed with batteries, battery/charger combinations, UPS, communications equipment and even DC distribution panels. Batteries can be installed on pull-out drawers or fixed shelves.

Additional Information:

Passive temperature mitigation can maintain internal cabinet conditions between -40F to +85F regardless of the ambient weather conditions in most cases.

No AC utility power or DC reserve power is required to operate the system.

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