Battery Cabinet Optional Equipment

Battery Cabinet Optional Equipment

NEMA Type 3R and 12 Options

  • NEMA Type 12 grille and washable filter kit – Housing and grille are made of heat resistant ABS-FR black material.
  • Drip shield – Protects door hardware against dripping water and settling dust.
  • Rain hoods – When added to the standard grille/filter kit or to the fan/grille/filter kit, these will prevent rain, sleet, snow or water from being drawn into the enclosure. Rain hoods are necessary for outdoor NEMA Type 3R applications.
  • NEMA Type 12 fan kit with grille and filter – Housing and grille are made of heat resistant ABS-FR black material. 110 Vac 60Hz or 230 Vac 50/60Hz input available.

Spill Containment

Exponential Power spill containment system can be pre-installed under our standard or seismic rack. They can be supplied with or without acid-absorbing and neutralizing pillows.

Thermal Management/Venting

  • Heater with built-in thermostat – Models available with either 120 Vac 60Hz or 230 Vac 50/60Hz input from 125 – 800 Watts. Brushed aluminum housing, thermostat range is 0 – 100° F, fan blows heat upwards, switch for auto or fan setting. UL recognized component.
  • Fan kit with grille and filter – This kit is designed to bring outside air into the enclosure from the bottom and force the hot air out of the top of the other side. In a battery application the fan will also help to force built up hydrogen gas out. The fan kit increases the venting efficiency and reduces the temperature inside of the cabinet to the outside ambient temperature. 110 Vac 60Hz or 230 Vac 50/60Hz input options available.
  • Thermostat for fan – Set point range of 30 to 140° F. Normally Open (NO) contact to operate switch. Switch capacity: 10Amp 120 – 250 Vac resistive load, 1Amp 120 – 250 Vac inductive load, 1.25Amp 24 Vdc 35mm DIN rail mounted.

Other Options

  • Viewing window – 13″ x 8″ x 0.25″ polycarbonate window typically used for viewing charger without opening the cabinet door(s). NEMA Type 1, 3R or 12.
  • Door activated LED light – Overhead light turns on when the cabinet door is opened. 120 Vac input option includes AC receptacle and 110 – 277 Vac input option does not include AC receptacle.
  • Stainless steel – SS cabinets and accessories available for marine/offshore/coastal environments. Stainless steel provides improved resistance to salt, some acids and high temperatures.
  • Hydrogen detector – SBS-H2 hydrogen detector can be installed inside cabinet and can operate fan when 1% or greater hydrogen levels are detected. 2nd form C contact can be connected to your alarm/SCADA system.

Note: All AC wiring must be completed on-site by a licensed electrician. Exponential Power does not perform any AC wiring