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Outages of power can cost businesses thousands of dollars per second! Storage Battery Systems is ready is to ensure you have a UPS system that meets your data center or other critical facility's power needs.

Uninterruptible Power Supply services we offer include:UPS and critical power

  • Uninterruptible power supply maintenance contracts
  • 24x7 emergency UPS repair service
  • Data Center UPS system design
  • UPS Installation services (EF&I)
  • Infrared thermography
  • Power quality studies
  • T&M / Depot repair
  • Refurbished data center UPS systems
  • Acceptance & performance testing
  • UPS battery installation, replacement, monitoring and preventative maintenance

Exponential Power supports all the major data center UPS systems manufacturers:

  • Emerson/Liebert
  • Eaton / Powerware
  • Mitsubishi
  • GE

A complete range of UPS batteries (Flooded and VRLA / Sealed) and support services on all the major battery manufacturers' systems: C&D Technologies, Yuasa-Exide, Battery USA, GNB, SAFT, Peco II, Johnson Controls, PCP, Astec, Power Battery, Argus, Lucent, Reltec and others.

What is the function of a data center UPS system?
The uninterruptible power supply system, popularly known as a UPS system, is an electronic device that supports computers, servers, data communication systems and other equipment during sudden power failure or voltage drop. Data Center UPS systems are in a standby mode to provide power instantly in case of brief power outages in data centers or computer rooms. UPS power backups are being used to prevent data loss or downtime during short-term power outages and they also have the ability to eliminate power surges, noise, and spikes.

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UPS Batteries:

  • UPS Series VRLA
  • UPS STT Series
  • Triumph Series
  • GE, Toshiba
  • Mitsubishi, Replacement

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