EVO-AT Series: Microprocessor Controlled SCR Battery Charger

The “EVO” Series battery charger is a SCR-based float battery charger for stationary/utility applications. Its next-generation design incorporates all the quality and reliability of the original AT charger series and offers a built-in health and diagnostics system.

    • The EVO is designed to help with compliance to NERC PRC-005 standards and other utility industry requirements.
    • The charger’s open architecture design allows for flexible operation including user-configured alarm relays and field-upgradable firmware.
    • Its built-in health system continuously runs self-diagnostics to provide status notifications, alerting you of any issues in real-time.
    • Pressing the Health button initiates a system diagnosis of all parameters and components to verify that the charger is operating properly.
  • Universal main control board
  • Alarm suite with LED indicators (AC failure, low DC voltage, high DC voltage, DC output failure, positive ground fault, negative ground fault)
  • Common alarm LED indicator (for all alarms including: low AC voltage, high AC voltage, end of discharge, low DC current)
  • Programmable summary relay contact that can be configured to indicate any or all alarm conditions
  • Float and multiple equalize charging models with LCD display indication
  • Manual equalize timer (0–999 hr.)
  • AC line automatic failure equalize timer (0–255 hr.)
  • AC on indicator
  • 0.5% digital metering for Vdc and Adc measurements
  • Graphical LCD display with LED backlight
  • AC input and DC output circuit breakers
  • Password protection for security
  • Multiple processor design for exceptional reliability
  • Input and output MOV surge suppressors
  • Battery open alarm
  • Reverse polarity protection diode
  • Baked epoxy powder coating in ANSI 61 gray
  • Plug-in socket for removable memory card used for event logging and firmware upgrades
  • Health system and intelligent self diagnostics
  • Standard output filter per NEMA PE5
  • Substations/Switchgear
  • Power Generation
  • Microwave Relay Sites
  • UPS
  • Telecommunications
Charger Model Number EVO-AT Series
Output Voltages (V) 24, 48, 130 and 260
DC Output (Amps) 6 – 25