SBS Exhaust Ventilation Fan

Meet battery room ventilation safety requirements and create an automated hydrogen gas ventilation system using the SBS Exhaust Fan in conjunction with the SBS-H2 hydrogen gas detector. This 12″ x 12″ fan automatically vents out dangerous hydrogen gas that builds up in battery charging rooms/areas.

The flexible fan design, featuring a sliding collar, works on walls between 1.5″ and 8″ thick, allowing for easy installation. The fan is weather resistant due to fixed external louvers with motor-driven internal louvers.

  • 850 CFM wall-mounted ventilation fan for use with SBS-H2 hydrogen detector
  • Fixed external rain louvers
  • Motorized internal louvers are locked open when fan is operating, locked closed when fan is stopped
  • Non-sparking and contactless, suitable for areas with potential H2 buildup
  • LED status display
  • Simple installation with sliding collar
  • Meets NFPA Class I Div. 2 “B”
  • Can be installed to comply with the National Electric Code (NEC) Section 480.9 (A) and IEEE Std. 450 for ventilation of battery rooms
Weight 18.000000
Mounting Rough opening: 12.25" x 12.25" (311 x 311 mm)Wall thickness: 1.5" to 8" (38 x 203 mm)
Power Supply(s) 110 Vac, .67 Amps (80 Watts)24 Vdc, 3.5 Amps48 Vdc, 1.7 Amps
Airflow 850 CFM
Dimensions 12" L x 12" W x 9.5" D (305 x 305 x 241 mm)
Part No. Description
H2FAN-12x12-110VAC 12" x 12" Exhaust Fan, 110 Vac Input
H2FAN-12x12-24VDC 12" x 12" Exhaust Fan, 24 Vdc Input
H2FAN-12x12-48VDC 12" x 12" Exhaust Fan, 48 Vdc Input