Forklift / Motive Power Battery Vent Caps

Water-Miser™ Safety Vent Cap

This flip top vent cap features the most advanced design and engineering techniques in the battery industry. The product is ergonomically designed and allows maintenance people to check the electrolyte fluid level without removing the cap from the battery. The snap-on design of the flip top allows the positioning of the closure to rotate in any direction.


    • Reduce watering intervals by 50%-60%
    • Reduces need for equalization
    • No more acid mist, reduced risk of explosions
    • Fits all US batteries
    • No need to ever remove vent caps
    • Three sizes available – Short (.955”), Medium (1.275”), and Extended (1.455”)

All our ¼ turn Bayonet Vent Caps come equipped with a standard rubber gasket.