Forklift Battery Cable Connectors

Smallest-ever DC power connector in the SB connector product group; sacrificial contact tips designed into all SB and Powerpole connectors enable hot swap capabilities on DC circuits. The low resistance Powerpole contacts accept 20 to 10 AWG (0.75 to 4.0 mm²) wires allowing up to 52 amps of UL rated performance per position. Exponential Power Mini adds additional insulation to the mating interface to protect against accidental exposure to live circuits. Easy to grip housings inherit color-coded mechanical keys from the SB connector. Each key is assigned a unique color for quick foolproof circuit identification. This is of particular importance when distinguishing series from parallel connections, or circuits operating at incompatible voltages.

The smallest Exponential Power connector has 2 finger proof positions in a polycarbonate housing with an ergonomic grip. The housing securely holds crimp and poke contacts from the popular Powerpole® 15-45 series connectors.

  • SB-50 (120 amp)
  • SB-120 (240 amp)
  • SB-175 (280 amp)
  • SB-2/0 (340 Amp)
  • SB-350 (450 amp)
  • Extended Range Contacts for SB-120
  • Chemical Resistant SB® Housings
Part Numbers Description
B02265G1 Red
B02265G4 Gray
B02265G3 Blue
B02265G2 Black
Amps 52A
Volts 600V
Wire Size Max: #10 AWG (4 mm2) Min: #20AWG (0.75mm2)
Temperature Max: 221°F (105°C) Min: -4°F (-20°C)
Configurations Inline, Wire - to - Wire
Main Features Touch Safe Housing Color-Coded Mechanical Keys Compact & Ergonomic Housing UL Hot Plug Rated to 45A, 72V