Floor Care Equipment Batteries

Floor Care Equipment Batteries That Keep Reputations Shining

Whether you’re an owner or a dealer, at the end of the day, the performance of your floor care equipment is a reflection on your business, and that of your customers, too. That’s why more floor care equipment professionals count on deep cycle batteries from Crown to power their gear. Crown offers an extensive array of solutions that fit the requirements of today’s machinery ‒ from simple to complex and everything in between. That’s because Crown’s deep cycle floor care equipment batteries feature thicker plates that make them work and last longer.

What Crown’s Floor Care Equipment Batteries Can Mean For You
Maximum performance. Minimal stress. Proven Results. Crown Battery takes the worry and guesswork out of floor care equipment battery ownership, performance and care. This is more critical now than ever, as Crown enables cleaning companies to polish their reputations while helping keep customer facilities cleaner and healthier:

    •  Durability: Crown’s deep cycle floor care equipment batteries are engineered and evaluated to withstand the rigors of extensive use.
    •  Convenience: Innovative deep cycle design results in reliable and simple recharging, delivering the power needed to meet expectations and get the job done.
    •  No- and low-maintenance options: Maintenance-free deep cycle AGM and low-maintenance FLA batteries minimize downtime and optimize business revenue.

CROWN1™ batteries are ideal to keep floor maintenance equipment up and running. Downtime isn’t a part of our vocabulary. Performance, however, is.

CROWN1™ Specifications

Deep Cycle
You rely on your floor care equipment to keep your facilities clean, safe and healthy. Crown Battery’s deep cycle batteries provide serious power for your equipment needs so you can have peace of mind.

Deep Cycle Specifications