BHS MBE: Mobile Battery Extractor

The BHS Mobile Battery Extractor is a self-contained extractor that enables you to change batteries anywhere in your facility. Designed for versatility to accommodate a wide-range of applications that require up to 50 battery changes per day. A minimum of 16 ft. aisle clearance is required.

  • 24 volt powerhead eliminates need for a separate pallet jack
  • Pendant control for ease of operation
  • Restraint bar contains battery during transit
  • Hydraulic powered extraction
  • Roller and slide strip combination provides increased battery stability
  • Built-in battery and charger for convenience
  • Standard industrial components allow for local parts availability
  • Heavy-duty steel frame handles toughest applications
  • Low maintenance design reduces operating costs
  • Durable two-part epoxy finish resists both acid and scratches
  • Vacuum extraction
  • Rubber bumper
  • Pendant control
  • Safety shield
  • Roller/Slide strip combination
  • Restraint bar
Ground Clearance 0.75"
Grade Clearance 2%
Turning Radius 8 ft
Minimum Battery Width 7.5"
Roller Width 41.88"
Vacuum Cup Size 12"
Roller Diameter 2.4"
Minimum Service Aisle Width 16 ft
Push/Pull Drive Chain Size #50
Hydraulic Power Unit Gear, Fixed Displacement
Raise / Lower Speed 8.8 ft/min
Hydraulic Pump 1.3 gal/min
Minimum Battery Height 21"
Roller Shaft Size 0.75"
Battery Attachment Mechanism Vacuum Standard, Magnet Optional
Minimum Battery Length 18"
Maximum Battery Dimensions (L x W x H) 49" x 41" x 32.5"
Battery Compartment Width 42"
Extractor Arm Travel Speed 22 ft/min
Dimensions 108"L x 63.5"W x 79.5"H