SBS-Ferro 100: Industrial Ferroresonant Battery Charger

The SBS-Ferro 100 is a ferroresonant charger for lead acid batteries that is BCI rated at 100% for an eight hour recharge on a fully discharged battery.

  • Easy field maintenance – non-proprietary
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Long operation of 10+ years
  • High efficiency 87%, power factor rating of 90%
  • Standard charger is built for 208/240/480 VAC in either single phase or three phase and 575/600 VAC are availble for three-phase models
  • Charger is available in any AC voltage for 50 or 60 Hz (within UL limitations on amp draw)
  • DCV: 12V–80V standard offerings up to 2000 amp hour
  • Standard P46-301 Control: saves the last 100 battery charge terminations and is accessible through the keypad
  • Set for automatic equalize or perform a manual equalize at any time with the push of a button
  • “Smart” charge control with icon and digital display for easy identification of charge status and ready battery
  • Fail-safe battery charging
  • Rugged 16 gauge steel cabinet, stackable to three high
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy access to tap settings for quick changeover
  • Forklifts
  • Material Handling
UL Listed Yes
Fail Safe Yes
cUL Listed Yes
Charge Duration Eight hour recharge on a fully discharged battery