The Power Advantage

At Exponential Power, we bring you the foremost stored power products and services that go beyond your expectations, delivering the best tailored solution for you.

Stationary/Reserve Power

Motive Power/Forklifts

Battery Test Equipment

Who is Exponential Power?

We are a leading provider in stored power solutions utilized by energy leaders in offshore, telecom, energy-services, utilities, oil & gas, data centers, motive power, material handling, distribution and manufacturing industries.

What Our Customers Are Saying…


They’re backing up safety systems that are responsible sometimes for saving lives—it’s that important.

You don’t need to remind those guys about stuff. They always help. When the systems get strained, if we have to change our schedule at the last minute—they always make it happen.
They’re my go-to for all questions. All the technicians are very knowledgeable—it makes them stand out from competitors.

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Join our Technical Support and Sales team as we discuss topics like: Proper Battery and Charger Sizing Methods; Installation, Maintenance and Testing Procedures;How to Maintain Your Battery Warranty, etc. Your questions, comments and opinions are important to having a constructive conversation that leads to identifying answers to difficult questions. These discussions will also identify future topics of discussion.