We're proud to announce the opening of Battery Academy, a new training facility and program that offers the utility and telecom industries a wide range of training solutions.

The current courses include Stationary Battery System Sizing and Design Considerations and Stationary Installation, Maintenance & Testing. Webinars will also be offered on such topics as Battery Test Equipment, NERC Battery Compliance, Understanding Battery Data, and Battery Management.

Courses for beginners as well as experienced technicians looking for continued education will be offered. All classes are tailored to cover the industry-accepted standards and best practices recommended by The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE).  

Trainees will learn both theory and application on actual installed equipment, not simulators, in order to equip them with the knowledge and experience needed to manage and maintain battery systems. Curriculum covers not only theory and materials, but true hands-on learning objectives to reinforce the total learning experience.

Battery Academy will feature two instructors, Wayne Eaton and Mike Poetzel. Both instructors bring real-life, hands-on experience into the classroom for the sharing of knowledge and industry best practices.  Trainees will learn from their years of experience in the power generation, power distribution and data center environments. Our instruction staff is versatile in its ability to conduct training sessions tailored to entry level through advanced application and design concepts.

According to John Bondy, President, “Battery Academy is more than just an innovative training facility, it’s a complete training program developed by our company’s technical, application and field support staff.  These programs will enable utility and telecom workers to apply their knowledge in the work setting right away.”   

Class size will be limited to 12 trainees in order to optimize the learning experience. Class enrollment will be on a first registered / first served basis.

For additional details on Battery Academy class registration and instructor biographies, please email info@battery-academy.com or go to the website: www.battery-academy.com