SBS-4815CT: Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Discharger / Capacity Tester for 20–60 Vdc Battery Systems

The SBS-4815CT is a fully programmable and portable constant current load bank including individual cell monitoring wireless modules with detailed data acquisition, display and reporting capabilities.

Built-in memory continuously records discharge data including: overall system voltage, current and individual cell voltages (when modules are installed).

Parallel Operation

Alone the SBS-4815CT has a 0–150 Amp constant current draw range. However it is possible to parallel additional load banks of the same voltage range with the SBS-4815CT to increase current draw.

With the optional P/N 8400-600A DC clamp the user can discharge up to 750 Amps and the SBS-4815CT will monitor the total DC current being drawn by up to three load banks in parallel.

The SBS-4815CT replaced the discontinued BCT-3010.

Benefits Can be powered from DC or AC power supply Weighs only 21 lb.; designed for portability Can be slaved with other load banks of the same voltage to increase discharge current Features Voltage and current range: 20–60 Vdc / 0–150 Amps 5.7" LCD touch screen 4 adjustable stop points and multiple alarm designs to control the process intelligently Wireless modules that measure and record individual cell voltages during testing View test data in real time on screen or with computer via RS232 Download data after discharge to USB drive Computer software for capacity evaluation and report generation Analytical Software and Internal Memory Powerful analytical software calculates test results and reports cell/battery conditions and capacity Software interface displays detailed graphs and charts Ability to export raw data into customized Excel reports Automatically protects and saves data from an unexpected test stop/end Menu interface provides data management operations for parameter settings, test results review, and download by RS232 or USB device to the computer software Wireless Modules Included for collection of cell voltage data during testing Advanced technology that wirelessly communicates readings between modules and load bank For 2/6/12V batteries One module supports voltage measurements for up to 4 cells Easily locate failed cells in battery and estimate actual capacity of each cell SBS-4815CT Includes Main unit Instruction manual Wireless 2/6/12 Volt modules (qty. 6 +1 spare) Computer analysis software DC test (power) cables 3 ft. AC power cable RS232 wire Carrying case with wheels


Weight 21.000000
DC Current Range 20–40 Vdc: 0–75 Amps
40–60 Vdc: 0–150 Amps
DC Volt Range 20–60 Vdc
Accuracy & Resolution ±0.5%, 0.1 Amp
Communications Type USB / RS232
Internal Memory 8MB Flash
Display Type 5.7" LCD Color Touch Screen
Power Supply(s) DC: 20–60V
AC: 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 16.25 x 9.0 x 9.0 in.

Parts & Accessories

Accessory Ordering Information
Part No. Description
8400-600A 600 DC Current Clamp
SLAVE-CAB-8400>8400 Paralleling Cable

More Info

Discharge Protection
Stop Point Setting Range
Low System Voltage 0–60.0V
Discharge Time 0–99 Hour 99 Min.
Discharge Capacity 0–9999 Ah
Cell Low Voltage 0–15.00V
Malfunction LCD Prompt Warning Beep
Input Over Voltage
Discharge Time
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