Smart Blinky Remote

Smart Blinky Remote™

The new LED housing for Smart Blinky Remote has a lower profile and is more robust, making it more resistant to damage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Super bright green and red LEDs are 6 times brighter than the previous models
  • Works on 6- and 12-volt block and golf cart batteries
  • New LED flash pattern: Calm, bright green flash pattern means water level is OK; Frenetic, bright red flash pattern means water is needed
  • New installation forgiveness zone, providing for more tolerance of installation errors
  • Wider operating range: 4 to 12 volts; 6 volts is recommended
    • Forgiveness zone: 14 to 16 volts
      • LED will not come on in this zone
      • LED comes on when connection is corrected
      • Fuse and LED are not damaged
    • Permanent failure at or above 18 volts
      • Fuse blows and unit must be replaced
    • Reverse polarity protected
      • Will not blow fuse if connected in reverse
      • LED will not come on when connected in reverse
      • LED comes on when connection is corrected
  • New Smart Sensing Technology Feature:
    • Probe must be out of electrolyte for 24 hours before LED changes from green to red, protecting against false fill signals, watering before you should, and minimizing boil overs

Smart Blinky Remote part numbers start with: ACC-SREM3

US Patent Numbers 5,936,382 & 7,812,613

Smart Blinky Remote Battery Watering Monitor


- Smart Blinky Remote Data Sheet

- Installation Instructions

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