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SmartBlinky Pro™ - NEW

The SmartBlinky Pro utilizes patented features such as Smart Sensing Technology, SmartDELAY action and the SmartBEEP audible alarm to warn you when your batteries are in need of watering. This innovative technology will keep your batteries in prime ready condition without the need for unnecessary checking.

The audible alarm feature enhances the SmartBlinky Pro’s ability to prevent costly damage to batteries by alerting management when maintenance for a battery is being neglected and for how long.

Features and Benefits:

SmartBeep: Provides an audible alarm that alerts you even when you cannot see the battery.

Beep sequence: Tells you if a battery is in need of watering and how long the battery has been without water.

SmartDELAY: Optimizes filling while preventing boil over.

Simple installation on cable: Patented universal voltage and polarity helps ensure the device cannot be damaged and allows for a simple installation. The ANYCELL technology makes it almost impossible to place the probe in the wrong position.

Patented Smart Sensing Technology: The SmartBlinky eliminates false indication along with maximizing water intervals to avoid unnecessary watering or dry out.

Multiple fuses: All SmartBlinky battery watering monitors are equipped with two fuses.

UL Classified: The SmartBlinky battery watering monitor is UL Classified so you can be assured of their safety.

Engineered to be tough: The SmartBlinky Pro is built to endure the harsh environment of industrial battery applications. In addition, all materials are corrosion resistant and the low profile design protects against damage.

Battery-friendly probe: The probe is made of lead which eliminates the fear of contaminating the cell with the inserted probe.

Inexpensive and cost effective: Over the lifetime of a battery, the SmartBlinky watering monitor saves a considerable amount on both time and labor cost along with delivering a rapid return on investment.

Satisfaction guaranteed: SmartBlinky Pro is covered by a one-year limited warranty.


Part No. ACC-SWP-C
System Exposure Temperature -20° to 160°F (-29° to 71°C)
Power Source Universal Voltage
Voltage Range Universal Voltage
Nominal Current @ 24V 20mA, @ 48V 10mA, @ 80V 5mA
Weight 4.2 oz (120g)

Smart Blinky Pro Monitor on Battery


- Smart Blinky Pro Data Sheet

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Smart Blinky Pro Watering Monitor

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