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PowerKit:  Diagnostics / Power Analysis Kit

As electronics equipment gets sophisticated, poor battery operation can cause malfunction of equipment control systems. Additionally, it is important to know if the battery is right sized for the equipment. An oversized battery can increase your expenses with no ROI, and an undersized battery can require frequent charging which will lower productivity.

The PowerKit is designed to diagnose and isolate battery problems from the equipment. It can help you to:

  • Perform a power study and analysis
  • Monitor battery and equipment performance
  • Identify alarm conditions with date/time stamps
  • Analyze daily usage
  • Review plug-ins (fast/opportunity charging)

PowerKit is simple to configure, install and operate. Configuration can be done while the PowerKit is connected to the battery or at your office. To configure from your office, simply connect the AC Adapter provided to the unit (jack shown with red circle) and to an outlet.

Once configured, all you need to do is connect to the battery and press the calibration button (shown with yellow circle) and it goes to work. Installation takes about 5 minutes. Install application by inserting the provided CD into the computer where you want to keep your data. Select AUTORUN option, or click on setupce-2.x.x.x.exe . The installation will guide you through all the steps.

Connect the USB Communicator to your computer, launch and login to CellTrac Application. Click on Batteries and select the Customer and Site you would like to collect data. Click on Download Data and wait until all the events are downloaded. Application will provide status of download process.

Who can use PowerKit?

  • Battery OEMs and dealers
  • Forklift OEM and dealers
  • End users who manage their own fleet
  • Golf car OEMs
  • Aerial and utility equipment OEM and service providers
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