Sackett Hydra-Handler Max: Multi-Stacking Battery Changer

The Sackett Hydra-Handler Max is designed to handle high volume battery changing operations and can be configured for 1-high to 5-high stacking applications.

Hydraulic valves allow for faster lift, smoother starts and stops along with easier feathering of controls. The valves also facilitate troubleshooting with built-in indicator lights.

  • Extractor Arm: Heavy Duty with Rack and Pinion Gearing
  • Controls: Allen Bradley PLC Controls and Safety Circuit
  • Safety Gate: Hydra-Handler Disabled if Safety Gate is Not Closed
  • Roller Deck: Hydra-Handler Will Not Travel and Arm Will Not Rotate When Battery is Outside of Roller Deck
  • Extractor Arm: Hydra-Handler Will Not Travel and Arm Will Not Rotate When Arm is Outside of Roller Deck
  • Operator Present: Hydra-Handler Disabled if Operator is not in Position. (Floor Mat)
  • Travel/Lift Hydraulics: Cartridge Solenoid Proportional Valves for Quick Servicing
  • Power Unit Orientation: Horizontal with External Pump for More Efficient Operations and Convenient Servicing
Draw Bar Pull / Magnet 1,500 lb
Raise / Lower Speed 29 fpm (8.8 mpm)
Travel Speed 220 fpm (67 mpm)
Draw Bar Pull / Vacuum 1,500 lb
Hydraulic Pump HTCP (Hydraulic Torque Controlled Pump) 18 gpm - 22 gpm
Stacking Up to 5-high
Total Compartment Rollers 8