High-Capacity Tubular Batteries

High-Capacity Tubular Batteries provide high performance, maximum run time, and long life. Unique design features provide higher capacity without sacrificing battery cycle life, while maintaining normal watering levels.

Non-woven tubular sleeving helps to increase productivity while maximizing performance and its modern tubular design maximizes the active lead materials and delivers optimized energy.

  • Higher energy density than flat plate positive plate constructed batteries results in superior performance.
  • Industry leading AH capacities ranging from 105-150 AH versus the standard 85-125 AH
  • Greater surface area optimizes active material utilization allowing higher voltages under load, especially benefiting high rate and cold storage applications.
  • Hadi high pressure die cast positive splines resist corrosion which improves battery life and outperforms gravity cast flat plate construction.
  • Uniform distribution of active material and weight achieved through a wet filling process which enhances plate uniformity.
  • 1” sediment space to prevent short circuits.
  • Forklifts and Material Handling
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Cold Storage