Product News Release – Announcing New Battery Management System

The EquaLink Battery Management System (BMS), delivers a complete and comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring solution for critical battery maintenance programs and required NERC / IEEE reporting.

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, February 5, 2016 – SBS Testing and Monitoring, a division of Storage Battery Systems, LLC (SBS), an industry leader in battery testing equipment and Power Solutions™, is pleased to announce the release of their new EquaLink Battery Management and Monitoring System.

The EquaLink system offers new and innovative diagnostic and monitoring features that are essential in maintaining critical operating parameters required by NERC and IEEE as part of a comprehensive battery maintenance program.

Through its patented voltage balancing process, the EquaLink system calibrates the charging voltage of all batteries with the charger’s target value, keeping all batteries within the optimal voltage operating range. When used with its accompanying software, it becomes a complete battery management solution, unlike any other on the market today.

Using a series of integrated modules and web-based management technology, the EquaLink can accurately identify the three key parameters: temperature, internal resistance and voltage of every individual battery in a given energy storage system.

EquaLink is ideal for lead-acid batteries (open/wet cell, maintenance free, gel, AGM, etc.) as well as Ni-Cad, NiMH and most types of Li-Ion batteries.

The EquaLink Battery Management System is designed to extend the service life of batteries by virtue of the balancing process. Each of the batteries within the string is maintained at balanced voltage levels, eliminating the negative effects of improper charging. The constant voltage regulation provided by the balancing process has been shown to increase service life of the batteries. The EquaLink system will also detect imminent battery issues, detect stratification, prevent thermal runaway, regulate charging and avoid overcharging. It offers an advanced warning system of events that require attention based on alerts that you set up in the software.

While most battery monitoring systems just watch your batteries slowly deteriorate, our EquaLink system actively manages and increases the batteries’ reliability and overall service life. The key is its unique balancing system,” says Josh Cirillo, Manager – Testing and Monitoring Division, “You can also generate reports and remotely monitor all of your systems from any location using a PC.”

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