Ametek SCR: PowerStar Plus

The PowerStar Plus is designed to recharge batteries from 20% state of charge to 80% state of charge in 3 hours or less. The charger uses SCR power conversion circuitry, which is virtually maintenance free, providing years of dependable service. With the PowerStar Plus, the battery determines its own charge rate based on its state of discharge, electrolyte temperature, and battery age. The charger provides a constant current-constant voltage-constant current (I-E-I) charge curve to eliminate the possibility of overcharge, even with the line voltage variations, and it completes the charge at the proper current regardless of battery age or specific gravity.

The PowerStar Plus delivers dependable charging with easy operation and low energy costs. The PowerStar Plus has a built-in SCR2000 control.

  • Simple solution to opportunity charging
  • Charges batteries up to 80% in 3 hours or less
  • Charge rates as high as 50A/100
  • Fail-safe design protects batteries
  • Automatically compensates for battery operating temperature with BID
  • Compatible with: BID, BID with AH Accumulator and Data Link
  • No Gassing feature
  • Excellent warranty
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