Stealth Watering System™

By Philadelphia Scientific
The lowest profile battery watering system on the market, ideal for small- to medium-duty applications.


The Stealth Watering System™ is a float-based, single-point watering system that precisely fills all battery cells to the same level simultaneously. It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable and is perfect for installations of 5 to 25 batteries. The Stealth Watering System™ incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class and the most convenient to install.



Fastest tubing installation: Push-fit tubing ports - a unique design feature - make tubing installation fast, easy and secure. Secure tubing by simply pushing tubing into ports. Tubing is released by pushing on white collar.

Widest operating pressure range: Operating pressure range of 3 to 45 psi.

Abuse-resistant tubing: The system tubing is kink- and crush-resistant. With a small bend radius, it fits the smallest cells easily, including 5- and 7-plate batteries.

Lowest profile: At only 0.6 inches/15mm high, it is the lowest profile float valve watering system on the market.

Unlike other similar system, the Stealth Watering System™ makes multiple float sizes unnecessary. The system's unique design incorporates a one-size-fits-all philosophy to ensure that all battery cells are filled to the same level simultaneously.

The Stealth Watering System™ is designed to sit lower than the intercell connectors when installed on a battery. This means reduced damage from the battery's cables as they move across the top of the battery.



What does a Stealth Watering System Kit include?

1 - Stealth Watering System valve per cell

1 - Water input & filter assembly

2 - End plugs

1 - Coil of clear PVC tubing - one foot of tubing per cell

5 - Black polypropylene cable ties

1 - Instruction booklet




Technical Information

Input/Operating Pressure 3 to 45 psi
Flow Rate 0.20 gpm per valve
Acceptable Battery Filling Temperature 35F to 160F (2C to 71C)
Acceptable Exposure / Application Temperature -20F to 160F (-29C to 71C)
Max Valve Height Above Vent Opening 0.60 inches (1.52cm)
Valve Body Material Polypropylene
Tubing Material Proprietary Flexible PVC
Fitting US Quarter Turn Opening & European DIN Opening
Shutoff Automatic



Series PS Watering
Voltage(V) 12 - 96
Individual Spec Sheet datasheet-phil-sci-stealth.pdf
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