Complete and self contained enclosures are replacing the traditional battery footprint in substation control rooms.

A growing trend in substation design is to provide a complete DC battery system in a stand alone enclosure outside of the control room. Designed to contain batteries, chargers, DC distribution, climate control, safety and monitoring equipment all within a stand-alone enclosure, this option frees up valuable space in the physical building while moving potential safety concerns out of manned working spaces.

In the example pictured above, we have designed an enclosure which houses a 125 VDC battery system in a zone 4 seismic rack, battery charger with DNP-3 ethernet communications, 400 Amp DC distribution, a pair of DC to DC converters in a 19″ mounting rack, Hydrogen Gas detection with an automated ventilation and exhaust system.

Suitable for drop-in-place pad mounting, an enclosure offers an alternative to the tradition of reserving space in the room or building for a battery system.

Flooded Lead Acid, NiCd and VRLA battery types can all be configured for use in these systems.

Nickel Cadmium Battery Cabinet

Storage Battery Systems designs and builds battery enclosures as a part of our wide offering of products for the generation, transmission and distribution industries. Contact us about the options that are available for your battery system design and configuration.