DOT Battery Regulations

Non-Restricted Status
Under D.O.T. Regulations

Shipments of Exponential Power valve regulated lead acid batteries

Surface shipments: 
Batteries of this type are considered non-hazardous and, therefore, travel under item No. 60682, Class 60.

Air shipment within the continental United States:
Exponential Power's non-spillable, wet electric storage batteries are designed to withstand the tests prescribed under D.O.T. regulation CFR-49 paragraph 173.159(d).

Specifically, Exponential Power's non-spillable wet electric storage batteries pass the vibration and pressure differential test reference in D.O.T. regulation 173.159(d).

Standard commercial packing, furthermore, provides protection against short circuits and normal transport conditions as called for in subchapter (d).

International air shipments subject to I.A.T.A. regulations:
Under I.A.T.A. classification Exponential Power batteries fall under UN number 2800: "Batteries, wet, non-spillable, electric storage".

"Special Provision" A67 applies to this classification. Exponential Power batteries meet requirements of these provisions and are, therefore, categorized "non-dangerous" for air shipment purposes.

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