Standard Battery Racks

Standard Battery Racking System

Exponential Power modular rack system can be specified to accommodate any battery cell or jar. From flooded to sealed, from lead-acid to nickel-cadmium, from vertical to horizontal mounting, a high density, space-saving rack can be provisioned.

Standard Racks for Any Stationary Batteries

These racks have been designed for all types of stationary battery models. These easy-to-use racks are strong, flexible and acid-proof.

All Exponential Power racks:

  • are epoxy coated with a rubberized coating on the runners
  • easily bolt together making installation or alteration possible
  • allow for the retrofit or removal of spill containment systems

Because Exponential Power battery racks are built in modular sections, they are easily assembled and modified.

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battery rack details

one-tier rack

1-Tier Rack (8.46" or 11.42" wide)
two-step rack

2-Step Rack (16.93" or 22.83" wide)
three-step rack
3-Step Rack (25.39" or 34.25" wide)
two-tier rack
2-Tier Rack (11.22" or 14.17" wide, 46.85" tall)
two-step two-tier rack
2-Step, 2-Tier Rack (19.69" or 25.59" wide, 50.79" tall)

Please contact Exponential Power for information on the different rack lengths and designs available.

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