Forklift Battery Service

Repair, Reconditioning & Replacement of Forklift / Industrial Batteries

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Exponential Power is one of the Midwest's largest and most experienced battery facilities. Our modern shops are equipped with the latest in computerized charging and discharge testing equipment, and meet or exceed all state and federal environmental safety standards.

Exponential Power offers

Without proper maintenance, even the best equipment will fail prematurely and increase your costs.

Unlike most service providers who simply replace cells because they do not possess hazardous waste treatment facilities, Exponential Power can perform internal evaluations and internal cell repairs, saving you money by determining the root cause of the failure.


 - Battery Service Brochure

Battery & Charger Repair - In Shop / In the Field

Exponential Power can service all makes and models. Some benefits of battery repair are:

  • extended battery life
  • prevention of damage to trucks
  • reduced motor and contact replacement
  • increased productivity
  • improved running hours
  • improved safety

Field service

In many cases, we can fix your battery or charger right in your plant, so you don't have the inconvenience of extended downtime.

Exponential Power mobile service trucks are equipped to provide immediate field service. Our service technicians can also provide in-plant battery and charger surveys, OSHA regulation information and maintenance training.

Our service technicians are not only highly skilled and seasoned trouble-shooters, they are also advisers, educators and consultants.

Rental Batteries and Chargers

Exponential Power has a large fleet of rental batteries and chargers for short term or long term needs.

Pick-up and Delivery Service

Exponential Power personnel will assist in assuring that the battery removal and installation is done safely.

24/7 Emergency Service

Exponential Power offers 24/7 service for Exponential Power-supplied battery changing systems.

Contact Exponential Power for a battery service quote.

Typical Work Performed During Reconditioning

  • Steam clean / remove corrosion
  • Equalize charge
  • Adjust specific gravity
  • Six hour discharge test
  • Replace or repair defective cells
  • Repair cover to jar leaks
  • Remove sulphation (desulfation)
  • Replace broken jars or covers
  • Replace cables and connectors
  • Clean and paint

Remember, reconditioning during early detection can often double useful life, but if you delay you may totally destroy the battery and damage your truck's drive motor as well as other electrical components. Don't delay - all Exponential Power repairs are fully warranted.

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Battery Cleaning / Wash Service

We offer on-site battery cleaning and battery washing services, which will help lengthen service life and eliminate environmental concerns. We also sell battery washing equipment.

What happens if you don't clean batteries?

  • Battery life can be reduced
  • Corrosion can cause battery cells to rupture and leak
  • Metal cases can corrode away
  • Electrolytes can damage operator's clothes and irritate the skin
  • Voltage leaks to ground can create nuisance electrical faults
  • Lifting ears can weaken causing potential safety issues

How often should a battery be cleaned?

This depends mainly on how well the batteries are watered. In many instances an annual wash is adequate. However, if over-watering occurs regularly and/or it is a dusty or dirty environment, more frequent washing may be required.

To request a quote on battery washing or battery washing equipment, click here.

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Exponential Power worker repairing forklift battery

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