Seismic Battery Racks

Zone 1 – 4 Racks – Most Available from Stock

Exponential Power has many different seismic rack designs available to meet almost all seismic rack requirements.

What We Offer

  • Adjustable racks
  • Racks designed specifically for Exponential Power batteries
  • Racks that can be used with other manufacturers’ batteries
  • Custom-designed racks
  • Racks that require IEEE 693-Annex J Certification

Our seismic battery racks are either certified, or built to, Seismic Zone 4 IBC/UBC standards. These earthquake-proof racks for static battery installations are approved for use in California, in earthquake Zone 4 as defined by the Uniform Building Code 1997.

Available Styles

  • 2-Step
  • 2-Tier
  • 2-Step/2-Tier
  • 1-Row (1-Tier)
  • 2-Row
  • Custom


Please contact Exponential Power for information on the different rack sizes and designs available.