Battery Handling Beam (MTC Model HB-4000-PL)

The battery handling beam offers a heavy-duty non-conductive method of lifting batteries. The non-slip hook design fits snugly into most battery lifting holes.

  • MTC Battery Handling Beam Features
  • Equipped with MTC’s Posi-Latch Safety Mechanism
  • Adjustable in 3″ increments.
Battery Lifting Beam (BHS Model BLB)

Battery Lifting Beams feature non-conductive hardwood construction and adjustable hook positions. Each lifting beam offers a convenient and efficient way to handle industrial forklift batteries, with a maximum capacity of 6,000 lbs. Hook options (including a fixed position, load hog, super hog, slide latch and swing latch hooks) are available for applications in different settings, and adjustable hook positions allow for usewith batteries of different lengths. Optional is four hooks for multi-point lifting (BLB-4PT) with adjustable hook positions for use with multiple battery lengths.

BHS Electric Hoist & Manual Ball Trolley Kit

The Electric Hoist & Manual Ball Trolley Kit is rugged, portable, and provides quick, precise lifting. Two ton and three-ton capacities are available. The kit includes the electric chain hoist with manual trolley, chain container, and a two-button pendant.

BHS Electric Hoist & Motorized Trolley Kit

The high-performance Electric Hoist & Motorized Trolley Kit is engineered for heavy duty industrial service and is available in two ton and three-ton capacities. The kit includes the electric chain hoist with motorized trolley, chain container, and six button pendant.

MTC Fork Attachment (Model FA-6000)

Model FA-6000 used with Battery Handling Beam for battery removal.

  • 48”/122cm safety chain and hook
  • Swivel hook with safety latch
  • Fork openings – 1 5/8”/5cm x 6 1/2″/17cm
  • 6000 lb./2722kg capacity
BHS Fork Attachment (Model FA-6)

The BHS Fork Attachment turns a lift truck into a battery changer by sliding easily onto the forks. Designed for maintenance applications, the Fork Attachment has a 6,000 lb (2722 kg) capacity.

  • Slides easily onto lift truck forks
  • Designed for maintenance applications
  • Equipped with a 48″ (1219 mm) securing chain to attach around fork carriageMTC Fork Attachment