Battery Maintenance Supplies

No-Ox Battery Corrosion Preventative

Non-flammable, high-viscosity, brush-on or spray-on preventative compound makes all surface impregnable to corrosion-causing acid fumes. Easy to apply to intercells.

Product Number Size Description
CB-104 4oz Brush-on No-Ox grease (brush in cap)
CB-304 32oz Brush on No-Ox grease (brush in cap)

Battery Safety Spill Kits

Battery spill kits contain everything you need to contain, neutralize, and absorb hazardous battery acid spills quickly and safely. Every battery charging area should contain a b attery spill kit that is strategically placed for a quick response in the event of an acid spill. Hazardous material personnel should know the locations of the spill kits and how to use the materials contained within the kit.

Only qualified personnel should clean up a hazardous spill. Always wear protective clothing and equipment. Dispose of used sorbents, protective clothing, and equipment in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Note: Not for use with hydrofluoric acid (HF) or compounds containing HF.

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