With the implementation of NERC PRC-005-2 and 005-3 requirements for batteries used in safety and reliability systems, managers and maintenance personnel are scrambling to ensure that their preventive maintenance procedures meet the minimum requirements to maintain compliance.

However, the real thing they should be considering is whether their battery maintenance programs also meet the minimum requirements recommended by their battery manufacturer.

There is a departure between what NERC requires as the minimum to be compliant and what the IEEE Recommendations and Guidelines recommend should be the minimum maintenance schedule for your battery systems.

Battery manufactures typically specify, size, test and maintain systems within the same guidelines as those in the IEEE recommendations. Performing the bare minimum maintenance requirements for NERC and only having those records available could leave you in a scramble when it comes time to address a potential warranty issue with your battery supplier.

Testing Guidelines / Schedule

The best course of action to protect yourself is to contact your battery manufacturer. Review your current maintenance activities with them and ensure that what you are doing satisfies both NERC and your warranty protection.