Battery Monitoring / Data Recorders

Batteries are the heart of your equipment. When batteries are undercharged, used with low water and/or with elevated temperatures, not only is the life of the battery shortened but it can cause malfunction of the equipment and affect its performance. In opportunity and fast charging environments, battery management becomes even more critical. Surface voltage can “confuse” battery discharge indicators or controllers. As a result, a fault condition may exist but will not be recognized which can result in component damage and downtime of equipment.

As equipment control systems get more sophisticated, a poor battery can cause fault conditions and some fault codes that are difficult to diagnose. If batteries are discharged/charged to optimum level and watered properly, you can increase productivity and extend battery life. All you need is a tool which is robust enough to handle a tough environment, simple to use, and affordable.

Exponential Power offers a wide range of industrial battery monitoring products for the material handling industry. Information such as utilization, temperatures, cycle counts and performance are monitored 24 hours a day. Battery monitoring can detect problems in early stages and eliminate guessing when planning new applications.

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