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PowerTrac 3 Battery Monitoring System

PowerTrac 3 Wireless Battery Monitoirng System
PowerTrac 3 Monitoring System
PowerTrac Link USB for PowerTrac 3
PowerTrac Link USB

PowerTrac 3 is a high performance, wireless electronic battery monitoring device that attaches to your battery to gather battery operation details. You can remotely monitor your battery operating parameters across your entire fleet. The PowerTrac 3 continuously acquires battery parameters, processes information and stores relevant data when an event change occurs.

The PowerTrac 3 tracks and records key battery parameters during charge, discharge and idle operation of the battery. It can store up to 10,000 events and has wireless data transfer through the PowerTrac Link USB communication device. The new PowerTrac uses 90% less energy compared to previous models and is more compact, less invasive and easier to install. PowerTrac 3 strengthens your ability to manage battery life, maintenance and battery usage.


  • Tracks and logs battery voltage, battery temperature, battery current and electrolyte level
  • Extends battery service life and reduces maintenance cost
  • Tracks battery performance over its life
  • Helps to oversee and schedule maintenance operations
  • Discrete electrolyte level sensing
  • Predicts battery replacements
  • Helps identify and solve battery/truck field problems
  • Wireless data transfer with superior microprocessor controls
  • Non volatile memory
  • Battery management software included to help analyze your data wirelessly
  • Non-invasive installation
  • Provides timely data about forklift battery
  • Quick access to battery reports
  • Efficiently manage battery utilization
  • >10,000 stored events


  • Extend battery life
  • Eliminate extra batteries
  • Avoid unscheduled downtime
  • Increase energy efficiencies
  • Decrease maintenance costs


Current Monitoring Shuntless intercell sensing or hall effect sensing
Temperature Monitoring External thermistor
Electrolyte Level Monitoring Standard electrolyte sensor with a variable length probe
Nominal Battery Voltage 24–84V
Operating Voltage 18–120V
Bi-Directional Current Measurement ±500A typical 1 A resolution
Voltage Accuracy 0.1V
Real Time Clock Time keeping and stamping of data
Operating Temperature -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C)
Dimensions 4.25" L x 1.5" W x 0.6” H
Communication Interface 900Mhz industrial wireless
Data Storage 10,000 events
Data Collection Upload data to PC via PowerTrac Link+
Wireless Range Up to 150 ft.
Packaging Water and acid resistant
Power Consumption ½ Watt nominal
Protection Internal fuse and external in-line fuse, reverse polarity protection

+PowerTrac Link sold separately


 - PowerTrac 3 Data Sheet

SP and DT Battery Monitoring Systems/Data Loggers

PowerTrac SP
PowerTrac SP Battery Monitoring System - Mounted Unit - Can be used in lift truck fleets and up.
PowerTrac DT battery monitoring
PowerTrac DT Battery Monitoring System - Portable Unit - Portable version of the PowerTrac SP designed for short term monitoring.

The PowerTrac SP Series is a battery monitoring system developed specifically to meet the needs of industrial and motive battery systems. The battery monitor tracks and logs various battery performance data including battery voltage, battery temperature, and battery current. A conventional current shunt is used to provide continuous battery current sensing.


Monitors and Logs Critical Battery Performance Data, including:

  • Instantaneous battery voltage, battery current, and temperature
  • Charge and discharge Amp-Hours since installation and per event
  • Charge and discharge events, including:
    • Event type (charge/discharge)
    • Event start time and duration
    • Minimum and maximum voltages with time stamps
    • Maximum current and temperature with time stamps
    • Event Amp-Hours of charge/discharge
    • Event end voltage (30 second average)
    • Over/under voltage, over current, and over temperature alarms

Typical Charts Generated

  • End of Charge Voltage
  • End of Discharge Voltage
  • Ahrs of Charge/Discharge
  • Max. Charge Temperature
  • Daily Energy Usage
  • Battery Assessment Charts


  • Critical information at your fingertips
    • Remote monitoring delivered with minimal infrastructure costs
    • Quick access to custom reports and charts
    • Efficiently manage battery charging and use
  • Maximize energy savings
    • Reduce energy costs
    • Increase energy efficiencies
    • Avoid peak power demand penalties
  • Maximize battery life
    • Extend battery life
    • Eliminate extra batteries
    • Reduce the need to purchase multiple chargers through flexible and reconfigurable design

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