Water Injector Spider System™

By Philadelphia Scientific
If you have always loved the speed and reliability of Water Injector technology, but have not liked continuous tubing, the Water Injector Spider System is for you!


The Water Injector Spider System™ was designed for all batteries, but is ideal for small batteries (5, 7 & 9 plate cells) where traditional single point watering systems are hard to fit. It is also perfect for self-installation where the battery size or layout is not known in advance and is a convenient alternate to our Semi Assembled option. It is convenient to keep in the shop or on a service van for last minute installations.

The Water Injector Spider System is every bit an Injector - it delivers the legendary speed of fill and reliability of the standard Water Injector System, but employs many convenience features in its design. Small diameter flexible tubing (that is crush and kink resistant) makes fitting onto a crowded battery top easy, push fit tubing ports allow for quick and easy installation, and the central manifold can be tied down on the battery top to prevent pulled tubing problems. The system must be used with our factory authorized Injector Water Supplies to ensure proper performance and our famous 15-second fill.


If you have always loved the speed and reliability of Water Injector technology, but have not liked continuous tubing, the Water Injector Spider System™ is for you!


The Water Injector Spider System™ is the world's fastest, most reliable way to add water to industrial batteries. And the system is simple to use: and operator makes a hose connection, opens a valve and in 15 seconds or less the entire battery is watered - perfectly.


Eight times faster than filling a battery with a float-based system, most warehouses and DCs save hours of maintenance time per week.


Each injector has its own precision level-sensing valve enclosed in a protective housing. When the electrolyte level rises to the tip of the injector, the valve shuts off instantly. There are no floats or delicate exposed parts to stick or break, so the injectors are unaffected by oil and tar in the cells. They can function in extreme cold, hot, dry and abusive conditions.


The system saves you money two ways:

  • Cuts labor costs, often paying for itself within the first year of operation
  • Extends battery life by filling batteries to the proper level


The system also improves safety and environmental cleanliness. There is no need to peer into cells to inspect levels as with manual battery filling. Injectors fill each cell to the correct level, so there is no overfilling and no electrolyte spillage during charging.


Designed for harsh industrial environments, it is unaffected by abuse that would destroy most other systems, and continues to work dependably for the life of the battery. The Philadelphia Scientific Water Injector System™ has the best ROI of any available filling system.


For more product features, download the PDF Individual Spec Sheet at the bottom of this page.


Product Specifications

Input/Operating Pressure 25 to 35 psi
Flow Rate 8 - 10 gpm per string
Acceptable Battery Filling Temperature 35F to 160F (2C to 71C)
System Exposure Temperature -20F to 160F (-29C to 71C)
Max Valve Height Above Vent Opening 0.83 inches (2.1 cm)
Valve Body Material Polypropylene
Tubing Material Proprietary Flexible PVC
Fitting DIN Standard Push Fit & BCI Standard Quarter Turn



Series PS Watering
Cell Dimension (Inches) -
Voltage(V) 12 - 96
Individual Spec Sheet datasheet-phil-sci-spider.pdf
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