Telecom Power Systems

We're known for our outstanding service in the telecom and broadband industries across the United States, with an emphasis on DC power plant services, battery services, grounding audits and infrastructure design and support.

While we provide DC power and battery services to some of the largest national companies in the U.S., we’re able to focus on individual customer requirements. When you work with us, you’ll speak with a project manager who knows your project—and knows it well. We employ our own technicians—not subcontractors. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified by the manufacturers that we support. This also means our technicians will become familiar with your sites, which makes it easier to recommend the latest and most optimal solutions.

We partner with the largest DC power plant, battery, and infrastructure manufacturers in the country. As a result, we offer the most competitive prices for products and services in the industry.

Because we are manufacturer agnostic, we work with you and our partners to develop the best price and product solution for your requirements. We will always suggest the best solution for your future and growth potential because we want to be your partner for the long haul.

A Few of Our Clients


Our industry-leading telecommunications services include:

DC Power Plant Services

From design-build to augments, there is no one more qualified to address your DC Plant needs. We can also design your next upgrade or plant augment. As part of the process, we’ll suggest the latest technology and, in many cases, reduce the physical footprint of your DC plants.

Regardless of how you work with us—new plant site or upgrade to existing site—we design the best solution for you. Our DC Power Plant Services include:

  • Provide and Install New DC Power Plant Systems
  • Provide and Replace Existing DC Power Plant Systems
  • Provide and Install New Battery Systems
  • Provide and Replace Existing Battery Systems
  • Provide and Install New Site Buildouts
    • Iron Work
    • Duct Work
    • Grounding
  • Design and recommend solutions for all of the above utilizing the best individual fit for the customer
  • Secondary Cabling for Existing and New DC Equipment Requirements


We work on most major manufacturer DC plant and battery systems, including:

  • ABB
  • Vertiv
  • Delta (Eltek)
  • Alpha
  • Telect
  • East Penn Deka
  • C&D Technologies
  • Enersys
  • SBS


Telecom Battery Services

Our core business includes battery installation and maintenance. We provide battery services for both DC power plant facilities and battery replacement for UPS units. Our company has years of experience in the battery industry.


Grounding Audits

Exponential Power, will help you protect your investment and the reliability of your network by shielding it from the costly consequences of service disruptions. Whether caused by inadequate lightning protection or poorly designed ground systems, we can help you avoid disruptions ranging from minor outages to serious fires.


Our site survey covers the following and wraps it up into a consolidated report:

  • Lightning Protection System
  • External Ground Field Resistance Test
  • AC Power Equipment
  • DC Power Equipment
  • Ground Window
  • Cable Entrance Facilities
  • Distributing Frame(s)
  • All Existing Electronic Equipment (Telecommunications, Computer, Switching, Control, security, etc.)

Flooded/Wet Cell Batteries

  STT/OPzS series battery for telecom applications STT (OPzS) Series

2V, 6V and 12V units available from 55 to 3585+ AH

VRLA AGM Batteries

  AGM series battery for telecom applications AGM

2V Modular Battery Systems: 100 - 400 AH

  E-AGM battery for telecom applications E-AGM

2V Modular Battery Systems: 200 - 3,000 AH

  S series battery for telecom applications S-Series

6V and 12V Batteries: 30 - 225 AH

  AFT series battery for telecom applications AFT

12V Front Access Batteries: 55 - 225 AH

VRLA GEL Batteries

  OPzV series batteries for telecom applications VRZ (OPzV)

2V Gel Batteries: 200 - 3,000 AH

  G series battery for telecom applications G-Series

6V and 12V Gel Batteries: 30 - 225 AH

  GEL series battery systems for telecom applications GEL

2V Modular Battery Systems: 200 - 2,000 AH

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

  KP series Ni-Cad battery for telecom applications KP

Flooded Ni-Cad Batteries (Single Cell): 10 - 480 AH

  KB Ni-Cad Battery for telecom applications KB

Flooded Ni-Cad Batteries (Multi-Cell): 8 - 1,540 AH

  Ni-Cad VRPP batteries for telecom applications VRPP

Valve-Regulated Ni-Cad Batteries: 8 - 728 AH

Battery Chargers

  Battery maintenance chargers for telecom applications Maintenance Charger

Universal Maintenance Chargers

Battery System Racks & Spill Containment

  Battery racks for telecom applications Battery Racks

Standard and Seismic

  Battery spill containment for telecom applications Battery Spill Containment

Pans and Pillows

Battery Testing Equipment

  Battery testers for telecom applications Test Equipment

Hydrometers, Analyzers, Load Banks, Hydrogen Detectors

Battery Maintenance & Service

  Battery service and maintenance for telecom applications Battery Service

Installation, Preventative Maintenance (PM), Load Tests, IEEE Maintenance Requirements

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