SCR Series: 260Vdc Float Battery Chargers

260 Vdc, 16 - 300 Amps, Single-Phase Input and Three-Phase Input

The SCR Series industrial float battery charger is designed to regulate voltage and limit current through controlled solid-state integrated circuitry for maximum performance.

Automatically control charging rates for a wide variety of battery types with the SCR charger while simultaneously providing full-rated output for both continuous and intermittent DC loads.



Three-Phase Input Voltages 208-240V (57-63Hz)
380-416V (47-63Hz)
480V (57-63Hz)
Single-Phase Input Voltages 120/220-240V (47-63Hz)
480V (57-63Hz)
120/208-240V (47-63Hz)
Charger Model Number SCR Series
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