Forklift / Motive Power Battery Vent Caps

Water Miser 2000 Safety Vent Cap

Miser battery vent caps
Miser 2000 battery vent caps

This flip top vent cap features the most advanced design and engineering techniques in the battery industry. The product is ergonomically designed and allows maintenance people to check the electrolyte fluid level without removing the cap from the battery. The snap-on design of the flip top allows the positioning of the closure to rotate in any direction.

Water Miser battery caps will reduce water loss by 50% to 60% provided your charging equipment is properly regulated. The sulfuric acid droplets that are carried by escaping gasses will be reduced by approximately 100 percent.

No Need to Ever Remove Vent Caps - Access to batteries can already be limited or cramped. There is no need to remove the Water Miser Vent-Caps which allow you to easily inspect or water your batteries simply by flipping open the vent cap.

Less Watering - Extended watering intervals are achieved along with routine equalization of the electrolyte being drastically reduced due to the fact that very little electrolyte ever passes through the moisture return medium and hydrophobic cindered disc combination.

Batteries Last Longer - Any residual gases that escape through the moisture retention medium during the charging cycle, carry fewer electrolyte laden droplets, assuring that electrolyte gravities are stabilized within the battery cell(s) – Thus resulting in consistency of intended cell voltages and capacity characteristics.

Batteries Stay Drier - The battery and battery cell covers remain considerably drier with cell to cell and battery to equipment body grounding respectively reduced.

Virtually Fume Free - The design reduces the fumes substantially.

Ideal for Forklift, Golf Cart, Marine, RV and Floor Scrubber Batteries - Can be retro fitted to any U.S. manufactured industrial motive power forklift battery since its construction embodies the quarter-turn bayonet design.

Water Miser battery vent caps comparison


Model 2000 2000C 2000EX
Height 0.955 1.275 1.455
Best Suited for
Industrial Deep Cycle Batteries
Fork Lift Batteries / Lift Trucks
Golf Carts
Solar Storage Systems
Wind Turbine Storage
Hydro Electric Storage
UPS Systems
Standby Batteries
Stationary Batteries
Railway & Locomotive
Telecom Batteries
Bayonetbattery vent caps
Bayonet Vent Cap
Push In Flip Top Fill Cap
Push In Flip Top Fill Cap

Bayonet Vent Cap

All of our 1/4 turn bayonet vent caps come equipped with a standard rubber gasket. Color: yellow.

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