GFT Series: Front Access Batteries

Front Access AGM (AFT) & Gel (GFT) 12 Volt Maintenance Free VRLA Batteries

The Exponential Power AFT & GFT series front access batteries meet or exceeds criteria for all US telecom standards. An ideal product for wireless and broadband applications with the widest variety of footprints and amp hour choices in the industry. Direct replacement for GNB "Marathon®" series, Enersys "Powersafe VX®" series, East Penn "Unigy I®" series, Power Battery CSL/FT®, C&D TEL-FA® & Liberty FA® front access products. UL approval. Capacities range from 55 A/h - 250 A/h in 12v VRLA monoblocks. Choose AGM or GEL technology to fit your application.

Gel (GFT) Technology:

Gel technology has a number of advantages over the equivalent AGM battery range, particularly for telecommunication applications such as:

  • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand
  • Full recovery from deep discharge even when battery is not immediately charged (PSOC)
  • Suitable for unstable main power, tolerates AC ripple well
  • High tolerance to discharge when a full charge has not been achieved (high cyclic rate)
  • Improved cycle life — Limiting design protects the positive plates
  • Superior performance with longer discharges
  • Operates cooler — gel technology provides better thermal transfer
  • Wider operating temperature range when compared to AGM
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